We believe that world-class services, experiences and hospitality entertainment, can be delivered in a fun and innovative way, without costing the earth.  That's why we use our business as a force for good, whilst minimising our carbon footprint and ensuring we always operate with honesty and integrity.

We’re looking for partners who share similar values to our own, with whom we can build profitable and long term strategic partnerships, whilst delivering world class hospitality entertainment amenities.

Typically, our partners will be:

  • Multi-site hospitality operators (although not essential)
  • Open and accessible to the general public, serving refreshments and food
  • Operational for a minimum of 70 hrs a week
  • A customer favourite, with a good customer reputation

If that sounds like you, then what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and get in touch! 


Scroll down to see some of our partner benefits further down below.

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Our partner enquiry process is straight forward and we endeavour to provide a response on all enquiries within 15 business days. 

Where additional information is required to help inform whether our hospitality entertainment products suit your venue, such as whether your floor and ceiling space meets our minimum requirements, the process may take a little longer than usual. On these rare occasions we ask that you please bear with us, as we will revert to all enquiries as soon as practically possible.

Please ensure you include the following in your enquiry;

  • Your name
  • Your company / organisation
  • The type of partnership proposed (e.g. co-branding, co-funded, product development / distribution, strategic, etc.)
  • Your contact information


Sports entertainment and e-sports activities are multi billion dollar industries that are surging in popularity and demand, experiencing rapid growth globally. Alongside our partners we intend to seize this opportunity to deliver sustainable returns, whilst ensuring we continue to meet ever changing customer needs and expectations. Demand for venues that deliver hospitality and entertainment will continue to grow, and we intend to be at the forefront of it. 

Below are some examples of the benefits our partners can look forward to through our partner programme;

  • a noticeable increase in revenue
  • limited financial risk e.g. installation + maintenance (shared costs)
  • raising brand awareness with our members (globally)
  • opportunities to host branding events with other key partners
  • opportunities to host large scale events such as global competitions & product launches

Still thinking about it.......what have you got to lose? Get in touch today!

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